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About BlueIron IP

BlueIron makes non-dilutive investments alongside angel and venture partners to finance patents for startup companies. Our financing extends your runway, but also gives you expert in-house patent counsel whose sole aim is to build solid patent assets. BlueIron invests directly into a startup, as well as provides loans against existing portfolios. We also offer patent enforcement and defense insurance, so you can negotiate from a position of strength.

Experience Matters

BlueIron IP was founded by Russ Krajec, author of Investing In Patents: What Every Startup Investor Needs to Know About Patents. Russ is an active angel investor and patent attorney, having written over 800 patent applications, and is an inventor on over 50 US patents.

Investment Strategy

BlueIron IP makes investments of $50-100K initially, with follow on investments as appropriate. The investments go to build patent portfolios that give you as strong a negotiating position as possible.

Why BlueIron IP?

Our investment thesis is to invest only after extensive due diligence into a company's technology and innovations. Our patent searching and patent strategy ensures that your portfolio will be the highest quality. Because we are investors, we have "skin in the game."